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Here we are. Plague Island. That’s the international name for us now, and it’s our name for us, too. We have certainly felt like a Plague Islanders rather than UK citizens for a long time. It feels like the country is on a kamikaze mission, or a mid-life crisis at least. I suppose, in one way or another, we were Plague Island before Covid-19 made it’s way across the Seven Seas. We are facing numerous other plagues, and have been doing so for a long time: populism; crony capitalism; fallen empire; poisonous nationalism; arrogance from once having an empire; historical amnesia.  

Notes From Plague Island is a collection of articles written about UK politics and culture, and our experiences of being stranded here.


5th October 2022 – Liz Truss draws her battle lines in the way only a faux nouveau Iron Lady could. It’s her and her friends in the blue corner, and the environment, kindness, decency, equality and morality in the green corner. Pick your side now, as this is a fight we must win. Read our new article here … And the people Say, ‘Who Voted for This?’

Truss’ face at the Greenpeace protest

23rd September 2022 – In our latest article, Never Truss a Tory, we reflect on the first few weeks of Liz Truss’ leadership. It’s fair to say that’s it’s a case of same wine, vaguely new bottle.

5th September 2022 – As the waking nightmare of a Liz Truss government dawns, we say goodbye to the clown who broke the country’s back, Boris Johnson. Read our new note here: Goodbye Boris, Gone (For Now) But Not Forgotten.

4th September 2022 – Our latest illustration for our likely new PM, Liz Truss. Lucky us.

27th August 2022 – We have revamped our gallery for Notes From Plague Island with some new, original artwork. Head over to Rogues Gallery for a look!

Boris Johnson and the ‘zombie’ government

26th August 2022 – We read Rishi Sunak’s attempt to re-write his place in Covid history today. At best, it jars with reality, but then, reality is not the forté of this party. Read our new article here, Who Controls the Past Controls the Future.

Sunak faking it at the podium. Apparently.

23rd August 2022 – Sorry for our absence, Plague Islanders. One of us had a health scare earlier this year, which required surgery to fix. Whilst it’s been a while since we last wrote, we are back with a new article: The Great British Run Off. We might have a new PM on the horizon, but we face the same shit problems. Welcome back and enjoy!

The raw sewage really ruins the view, as well as your health.

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