Covid Deniers

There are a lot of people denying that this virus is real. There are people who take a Libertarian point of view and think this is an excuse to erode our civil liberties (as previously discussed in our note ‘And the Newspapers Said, ‘It’s All Your Fault, Stupid Peasants. The mantra of ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ rings true, but that does not in any way mean that the crisis is not real). There are people who don’t believe it exists because no-one they personally know has been affected. However, this is similar to saying a war did not happen because you personally don’t know anyone who died. 

Then there are people who deny it is real because they are fucking terrified – more so than the rest of us.

These people are the ones who scare me the most. They’ll clutch at any straw to convince themselves – and everyone else – that this shit is not real


‘Did he die *of* Covid or *because* of Covid?’

1,564 dead today.

We cannot go on like this.

This is very real indeed.

~ L&A 13.1.21 ~

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