Grenfell Tower and it’s Legacy: This is Class War

‘If you want to see how the poor die, come see Grenfell Tower’ ~ Ben Okri, 2017 The Fire and Inquiry Findings The fire happened on a warm summer’s night in the early hours of June 14th 2017. I remember turning on the news, as usual, at about 6 in the morning, to see vivid orangeContinue reading “Grenfell Tower and it’s Legacy: This is Class War”

All Hail the Death Secretary

Without any hint of irony, the criminal who we have as Secretary of State for Health, the Rt.Dishonourable Matt Hancock, has appeared on Good Morning Britain today to say how we should be ‘thanking his team’, to remind us that we should be thankful to him as the head of that team. But only whenContinue reading “All Hail the Death Secretary”

Keir Starmer: An Opposition of None

How difficult could it be to oppose this crooked, deceitful, untrustworthy bunch of negligent charlatans that we unfortunately have as our government in this Foul Year of Our Lord, 2021? Well, we’re afraid to say so far it seems to be beyond Keir Starmer’s capabilities. You would be forgiven wondering how this is possible whenContinue reading “Keir Starmer: An Opposition of None”

Hope in the Age of Covid

I was called by my doctor’s surgery today to invite me to have a Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow. Tomorrow! I have asthma with a history of pneumonias and hospitalisations. The last year has been extremely stressful for so many reasons relating to Covid, but I must admit especially frightening knowing I have this vulnerability. I reallyContinue reading “Hope in the Age of Covid”

The Truth is Not What We Signed Up For

‘The Commons may treat the making of a deliberately misleading statement as a contempt. In 1963, the House resolved that in making a personal statement which contained words which they later admitted not to be true, a former Member had been guilty of a grave contempt.’ Erskine May, Members deliberately misleading the House, Paragraph 15.27 (ErskineContinue reading “The Truth is Not What We Signed Up For”

The Name for What They Are Doing is ‘Social Murder’

There has been an editorial written recently in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) by Dr. Kamran Abbasi, who considers the actions of the UK government as ‘social murder’. It isn’t the first time this term has been used. It was first used by the philosopher Friedrich Engels in 1845, in his work The Condition of theContinue reading “The Name for What They Are Doing is ‘Social Murder’”

Catalogue of Catastrophe III: Our Fragile State

Catalogue of Catastrophe: Part I Catalogue of Catastrophe: Part II “Some of you may die, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.” Lord Farquaad , Shrek, 2002. I don’t know about you, but I can always see a similarity between this line from the first fictional Shrek film and the callousness of the position takenContinue reading “Catalogue of Catastrophe III: Our Fragile State”

Brexit and the Eternal Boris Johnson

In our last note, Anti-History: The Politics of Inevitability, we discussed Inevitability Politics and started to outline Eternity Politics. This note is a continuation of that one. Here, we will talk about Boris Johnson as an Eternity politician, in the context of Brexit and how we think it would have played out if Covid-19 hadContinue reading “Brexit and the Eternal Boris Johnson”

Anti-History: The Politics of Inevitability

The end of Cold War signified to many people around the world that history was over. Or, as Francis Fukuyama stated in the title of his seminal book The End of History and the Last Man, it was a moment where the old arguments about political ideology ceased. The options of Communism or Fascism, of strongmen dictators had beenContinue reading “Anti-History: The Politics of Inevitability”