All Hail the Death Secretary

Hancock being interviewed on Good Morning Britain, Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Without any hint of irony, the criminal who we have as Secretary of State for Health, the Rt.Dishonourable Matt Hancock, has appeared on Good Morning Britain today to say how we should be ‘thanking his team’, to remind us that we should be thankful to him as the head of that team.

But only when things have gone right. He can sack them all off if it all backfires later, as he can then blame the team.

In this interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, he brazenly lies about the scale of the PPE problem that the country had at the beginning of the pandemic: Morgan corrects him to say that NHS staff wore bin liners as makeshift PPE.

Three frontline staff at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, wearing clinical waste bags as PPE, March 2020. All three later tested positive for Covid-19.
Dr. Roberts (name changed due to warnings about speaking to the media) from the Midlands, tying a bin bag covering the sides and back of her colleague’s head, April 2020.

Hancock stutters like the snivelling, disingenuous runt he is ‘Er … no … so … uh … the …’ before disgracefully trying to pass off the horrific situation frontline healthcare workers faced as being ‘individual problems’ and not a national scandal.

Oh, well, that’s cleared things up! Cheers, Matt!

We didn’t think the lack of PPE was a controversial subject. It has been widely accepted that we entered this pandemic woefully ill-prepared, as Reid said . However, Hancock is an Eternity politician so it is no wonder that he is retelling an alternative truth in order to myth build about the past.

We are supposed to think: The glorious Health Secretary, working all hours God sends just so that ‘Our NHS’ could have the best chance of fighting this invisible enemy. God bless him.

No wonder he’s pissed if this is how we thank him.

Yes, thank-you for contributing to the deaths of 130,000 people so far. Thanks for bunging billions of tax-payers money to your mates who didn’t have a fucking clue what they were doing.

It was reported in the BMJ from the Good Law Project in November 2020 that, ‘Within two weeks of opening its portal inviting tenders for PPE in March 2020, the government had 24,000 offers from 16,000 suppliers, many of whom had experience in providing PPE for healthcare professionals. Surprisingly, three of the biggest beneficiaries of government contract awards were companies specialising in jewellery (Saiger), pest control (Pestfix) and an opaque ‘family office’ owned through a tax haven (Ayanda).’ There was deemed to be a ‘persistant and unlawful’ failure to disclose details of huge sums of money spent on PPE contracts.

Incidentally, we noticed that Hancock has removed the photograph of his neighbor, Alex Bourne’s pub, from the wall where he conducts interviews. This particular neighbor is the chum who is also under investigation for a £30 million contract to supply Covid test vials, with no prior experience. Bourne made tupperware for pubs and takeaways. Testing vials are just like cartons you’d have a kebab in, aren’t they? (Although probably just smaller).

Poof! Gone.

The Death Secretary then has the arrogance to repeat that not only do his team him deserve thanks, but also praise. Remember when there is an inquest, he won’t be talking about him and his team as one; he will talk about them as an uncontrollable mob. He will throw them under a bus (probably in the same way Johnson will throw him under a bus in the end).

They lie so much, they can’t remember what the truth is, or what a specific lie related to. So, that’s why Hancock in particular always looks shifty, like a rabbit in the headlights. He’s got the look of a man who has just put down the phone and realised he’s handed over his bank details to a scammer. Sadly though, we’re the ones who are actually being scammed.

~ L&A 23.2.21 ~

4 thoughts on “All Hail the Death Secretary

  1. Matt Cockinhand needs to do the right honourable thing and resign. He is a liar a thief and is responsible for the huge death toll this virus has been allowed to wrack up. And he dan shove Bumbles road map up his arse if he thinks that this country now trust him. Tories need to go. NOW


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