Charity Begins at Home

It looks like austerity and the pandemic are really biting into the Prime Minister’s purse. His struggles are becoming more profound: first, he didn’t know how he was going to afford a nanny on his pitiful £100K salary for his latest child, Wilfred (thank goodness he wasn’t furloughed, otherwise he and Carrie would have needed to have coped on just 80% of that wage. Do Fortnum & Mason have a foodbank?). Today, it was in the news that he is trying to set up a charity to cover refurbishment costs for 10 Downing Street. Or, more precisely, the private apartments above at No.11 that he shares with current fiancée, Carrie Symonds and Wilfred (Daily Mail).

Floor plans for the upstairs apartments show the scale and number of rooms. This is not typical of a UK flat.
It’s not like Carrie is asking for luxury. The designs are thought to be by bespoke British eco designer Lulu Lytle, the founder and director of Soane Britain. Fabric costs start at £100 p/m.

Just like when he had Covid, Boris knows the hardships that us Plague Islanders are facing. He is truly a man of the people.

The Guardian and Daily Mail reports that this method of obtaining yet more money is in line with how funds are raised by private benefactors for the interior design and maintenance of the US White House.

The truth is that Johnson is known to have joked with other Tories about these huge costs amounting to, ‘tens and tens of thousands’ and being ‘over a hundred grand.’ The truth is that these grand refurbishments are not for the official reason of maintaining a heritage building. They are being done for nothing but Johnson and Symonds’ pure opulent greed.

We can’t help but think that we have an actual troll presiding over us, literally taking the piss thinking there is nothing we can do about it. We also can’t help but think that this stinks of corruption, and the benefactors might be giving money here as a way to scratch his back for all the favours he has done for them (maybe Serco will sponsor the nursery).

Surely, he doesn’t need more money, though? 

A clap should do.

A thank-you, but no pay rise for NHS workers in the 2021 budget.

~ L&A 2.3.21 ~

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