Boris Antoinette

At a time when we have:

  1. Increasing numbers of unemployment,
  2. More people queuing to use food banks,
  3. Working poverty is at an all time high,
  4. NHS staff are set to get just a 1% pay rise and, 
  5. Covid is still a big issue here,

It has been reported that Our Beloved Leader and his fiancée have been having huge and expensive food deliveries smuggled in via the back door of Downing Street (Daily Mail).

Armfuls of Daylesford groceries being carried into Downing Street.

‘What’s so wrong about a family having a shopping delivery?’, you might well ask.

Well, dear reader, it is not from Tesco. It’s from Daylesford: the luxury, organic farm shop; the finest, most expensive organic grocery store on Plague Island. 

Fresh, organically grown flowers, fruit and vegetables on display at Daylesford.

Boris and Carrie have had around 30 giant boxes containing up to 100 pre-prepared meals delivered via the rear entrance of Downing Street (Daily Mail). This food has cost around £12,500 over the course of a year. There’s also that corrupt little link of the Tory donor rearing it’s ugly head again, in that the owner of Daylesford is Lady Bamford, wife of JCB tycoon Lord Bamford, who donated £160,000 to the Conservative Party in 2019 (Tatler). It’s yet another, tiresome tale of, ‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’.

I don’t know what our expectations are here, but this just feels so obscene to us. This comes hot on the heels of a very expensive refurb for the living quarters of Downing Street, reportedly costing tens of thousands of pounds (possibly over £100,000). So much, that Johnson wants to set up a charity to pay for it.

Oh. My. God.

It’s obscene because:

  1. We have unbelievable amounts of inequality and this demonstrates that.
  2. Children have literally gone hungry because this greedy, heartless shambles of a man we have as a PM would not extend the Free School Meals scheme. UNICEF have needed to intervene. It is that bad.
  3. Although de Pfeffel has apparently paid for it from his own purse, it does beg the question of, if it’s all legitimate, why “smuggle” it in via the back door?
  4. It is from a business owned by the wife of a Tory donor.
  5. It is obscene just because of the sheer greed of it. There is nothing modest or humble about anything to do with Boris and Carrie. It’s the opulence that King Boris and his concubine get to live in that is quite repugnant, whilst so many of his subjects face such struggles.

To us, this is more evidence that they – those rich elites – do not inhabit our world. We are most certainly not all in this together. We are ghosts to them. Occasionally, the veil between our realm and theirs becomes thin: for a moment they partially see a fleeting image of us, never really sure if we existed, or if their mind was just playing tricks. Then they close their eyes, count to ten, and hope we go away.

It’s our job to rattle our proverbial chains ever louder and make them pay attention.

~ L&A 7.3.21 ~

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