Boris Buys Curtains Whilst The People Die

Do you know what I would find amazing and some kind of poetic justice? If the Rt.Dishonourable Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was kicked out of office/forced to resign due to the what is coming to be known as the ‘Cash for Curtains’ scandal; that he and Symonds never get to stay long enough toContinue reading “Boris Buys Curtains Whilst The People Die”

… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead

It has been reported today that our truth-twisting, shape-shifting, lying, corrupt bastard of a PM said in October 2020 that he would rather allow ‘bodies to pile high in their thousands’ (Independent) than impose another national lockdown. Let that sink in. Bodies piling high in their thousands. 150, 841 people in the UK have Covid-19Continue reading “… And You Will Know Us by the Trail of the Dead”