“Too Busy Saving Lives”

“Too Busy Saving Lives.” Was he bollocks. Too busy lying, cheating and generally fucking us all in some way, as well as his mistress. His demise was long overdue. Good riddance. The disgraceful weasel that we were unfortunate to have as our Health/Death Secretary during the worst public health crisis in living memory has gone.Continue reading ““Too Busy Saving Lives””

And on One Britain One Nation Day, of All Days

Oh my goodness, what a thing to wake up to and read on a Friday morning. And not just any Friday morning, for it is One Britain One Nation Day, where so much has been made of encouraging children to embrace our British values. And here we are. Help me, for my eyes are burning.Continue reading “And on One Britain One Nation Day, of All Days”

It Couldn’t Happen Here?

It’s been yet another overwhelming few weeks where every time we have tried to write, we’ve either been a) exhausted by the onslaught of news or b) just don’t know where to start.  We live under a constant, rotating maelstrom of shit. We have a new Covid variant in town directly because of the incompetentContinue reading “It Couldn’t Happen Here?”