And on One Britain One Nation Day, of All Days

Matt Hancock displaying Conservative ‘family values’

Oh my goodness, what a thing to wake up to and read on a Friday morning. And not just any Friday morning, for it is One Britain One Nation Day, where so much has been made of encouraging children to embrace our British values.

And here we are.

Help me, for my eyes are burning.

The Death Secretary appears to have been having an extra-marital affair with Gina Coladangelo, a senior advisor who he used public money to hire in the midst of the pandemic. This, on top of all his other fuck-ups.

Evidently, British values and Tory values are two very different things. But we already knew that. It does’t take a senior minister having an affair to show us.

Of course, if we were being really cynical, this is a golden opportunity to get rid of Hancock without having to agree with Cummings’ statements. Johnson will probably push Hancock to resign, whilst publicly supporting him as a minister.

We don’t normally engage in tittle-tattle like this, but it is important here because government constantly talk down to us about morals and values. Yet again, we see another example of one rule for them and another for us. Today, on OBON Day, children across the country will be singing about what is it to be British, whilst our supposed ‘betters’ behave like this.

UPDATE, 2:20pm: Serial adulterer, Boris Johnson, accepts Hancock’s apology concerning his breach of social distancing rules and ‘considers the matter closed.’

With the u-turns we’re used to, he’ll hopefully be gone by Tuesday.

~ L&A 25.6.21 ~

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