“Too Busy Saving Lives”

“Too Busy Saving Lives.”

Was he bollocks.

Too busy lying, cheating and generally fucking us all in some way, as well as his mistress.

His demise was long overdue. Good riddance. The disgraceful weasel that we were unfortunate to have as our Health/Death Secretary during the worst public health crisis in living memory has gone. Well, at least as Health Secretary. He is still an MP commanding around £80,000 per year as his salary, where instead he should actually be in prison.

Hancock’s resignation letter, 26th June 2021

There are still so many questions though, the most pertinent of which are:

  1. Did he employ his mistress? Or, did Coladangelo become his mistress whilst on the job? (Pardon the pun).
  2. What was Hancock hiding when he was using a Gmail account to conduct government business? Of course, that was a throwback to the Cummings/Gove days a decade ago, as Cummings refused to talk over the official, more traceable government email. It would appear that this legacy from Cummings endured, and old habits die hard.
  3. (What email address is Boris Johnson using?)
  4. The camera that Hancock and Coladangelo were filmed on was hidden inside a smoke detector. Who placed a camera there, and why? Why now? Who leaked the footage?

Whilst it is wonderful that Hancock has resigned, it does mean there is a new shady Health Secretary in the form of Sajid Javid. Javid has no background in healthcare (why don’t health ministers need to have a background in healthcare? Why are they all city types?). He was a principle architect of austerity; a senior executive of Deutsche Bank when it was laundering money (Financial News) and he failed to fund the instalment of sprinklers in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster (Independent). He is a senior advisor to the American company, JP Morgan, a major player in private healthcare, so no conflict of interest there, right? The thing to be optimistic about amongst all this uncertainty is that this all looks very bad for Our Beloved Leader.

The new Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, appointed just 90 minutes after Hancock’s resignation.

Johnson supported Hancock over breaking the Ministerial Code over Covid contracts. He stood by him when Cummings showed evidence that Johnson had called Hancock ‘fucking hopeless’. Johnson stood by Hancock on Friday, even when it was abundantly clear that Hancock’s position as Health Secretary was untenable due to a serious breach of social distancing rules (of his own making). Remember that relatives could not visit dying loved ones in hospital; mourners could not hug anyone outside of their own household at a funeral when this kiss is supposed to have happened.

Johnson stood loyal and resolute and No.10 ‘considered the matter closed’, principally because Hancock conducted himself in precisely the same way as Johnson did as Mayor of London during his affair with Jennifer Arcuri. Johnson too often manages to silence dissent when there are clear failures made by ministers (and advisers) by saying ‘the case is closed’: he supported Dominic Cummings when he took a weird road trip to Barnard Castle, Priti Patel was found in court to have broken the Ministerial Code by having bullied civil servants. Gavin Williamson botched A’Level student’s exam results last year as well as a string of other errors, yet Johnson stood by them. However, this time, considering the matter as closed did not close the matter. In fact, it worsened the situation for both of them, because no-one seemed to be in the mood to accept their contemptuous treatment of us. For once, the press played their part in holding them to account.


Another positive thing is that there are now potentially two people outside of the tent, spitting in on Johnson. After all, Hancock knows that when the public inquiry comes, he has got some very serious questions to answer, and he will choose to save himself, with no loyalty to anyone but himself. He will take the, ‘I was just following orders’ approach. Cummings attacks are showing no sign of abating as he has already reignited the feud between him and Javid, saying he’d be ‘awful’ for the NHS (Independent). He’s right, too.

Johnson has for so long seemed to defy conventions of truth, law and decency, but he failed to do so this time with Hancock. Johnson simply could not control the message. Finally, there seems to be a show of consequence for Johnson’s own dishonesty. And long may that continue.

~ L&A 27.6.21 ~







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