24hr Party People

I can’t quite tell you how much of a shambles living in England has been over the last few weeks, if not months and years. Certainly since early-mid January 2022, we have had confirmation of what we always knew: that our leaders are lying, corrupt self-serving pigs. Every day has bought with it a newContinue reading “24hr Party People”

The Truth is Not Available for Comment at This Time

We’re on day 11 of 2022 and we are now counting down the minutes that Johnson has got left as UKPM. To be honest, he is The Thing That Should Never Have Been: he came through on a red bus of Brexit lies, riding the wave of public fatigue from Brexit.  Whilst he may haveContinue reading “The Truth is Not Available for Comment at This Time”

Like a Ship Without a Rudder

Happy New Year, Plague Islanders. Except, it’s a new year with same old pestilence problems that have dogged us since March 2020. Namely, Covid-19 and the reckless, corrupt, and now aimless, Conservative government. We have crazy high numbers of Covid/Omicron infections on our tiny island. One in fifteen people were infected in the last week of 2021.Continue reading “Like a Ship Without a Rudder”