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Possibly hungover, unlikely overworked.

I can’t quite tell you how much of a shambles living in England has been over the last few weeks, if not months and years. Certainly since early-mid January 2022, we have had confirmation of what we always knew: that our leaders are lying, corrupt self-serving pigs.

Every day has bought with it a new low. It’s been happening with such lightening frequency that we’ve barely had the time to type an article. In fact, King Boris would have been better served putting out an address at 5pm every evening to announce what he’s sorry for this time, and what wrongdoing he’ll launch an investigation into next. And then there are always other wrongdoings, of which he cannot speak, until the conclusion of one investigation or another. Even when he apologises, the words have no meaning because he doesn’t really think he should be apologising to the little people, such is his contempt for us.

The thing is, and what perhaps grieves us most, is that whilst the majority of the UK abided by harsh lockdown rules, Johnson and his cabal did not. Even Queen Elizabeth II did for The Duke of Edinburgh‘s funeral (Her Majesty was offered the option of having Covid rules concerning funerals removed for The Duke. Thankfully, she chose not to, but who knew that rules could be flexed and removed on a case-by-case basis?) Johnson and his crew did not care to respect the rules, even though they were drumming them into our feeble minds every single night. It might make you wonder if they knew something that we didn’t, but this is dangerous because it gives credence to Covid-denier conspiracy thinking.

In truth, their Covid and our Covid were/are two very different beasts. Their Covid is one that they don’t die from, because as soon as they have a sniffle or feel poorly from the virus, a private room with the best treatment is immediately available for them. Our Covid is one where you try not to call 999 unless you really have to, and even then you might have hours of waiting for the ambulance, or you might need to drive yourself to A&E.

However, the real crux of all of this is that rules are there for us, but never for them. It all boils down to Boris Johnson and his toxic brand of sado-populism, where it is libertarianism for him and his friends, and authoritarianism for us. His, ‘I don’t need rules because I can decide the best course of action for me.’ To them, they possess a superior common sense; they know what’s right and wrong, and they don’t need edicts laid down for them to follow. 

We have seen this time and time again, rather revealingly, we witnessed a prime example of it from Dominic Cummings when he drove to Barnard Castle to supposedly test his eyesight, with his wife and child in the car whilst infected with Covid. This was sold back to us as not a breach of the rules, but of a great example of a father who was using his common sense and doing what he thought he needed to do to ensure the safety of his family.

Jacob Rees-Mogg applied a similar arrogant logic where he said he would have used his common sense and fled Grenfell Tower as it burned, against instructions rules given to residents from the London Fire Brigade.

The bottom line is that they are apparently imbued with the best common sense that Eton can instil. The rules, however, are absolute for us because rules are there to instil hierarchy. They cannot allow the great unwashed to possibly think for themselves. We are the bewildered herd who need their type of leadership and guidance. We cannot be trusted to use our kind of common sense, for ours is not as sophisticated as theirs, as it has not been developed in the best schools, colleges, universities and finishing schools that money can buy. 

More importantly, if we start thinking for ourselves, we might just realise that we don’t actually need these hypocritical Feudal overlords deciding the rhythms of our lives.

~ L&A 31.1.22 ~

Link to redacted version of the Sue Gray Report

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