Never Truss a Tory

We’ve been pondering lately about who is the worst choice for Prime Minister between Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. This is a difficult conundrum because, in the simplest terms, they are both awful. Neither one are fit for highest office; they both present different problems. We already have raw sewage being routinely discharged into ourContinue reading “Never Truss a Tory”

Goodbye, Boris: Gone (For Now) But Not Forgotten

Ah, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Or, plain old ‘Al’, as we recently discovered some of his family refer to him as. A sado-populist. An eternity politician. A human virus. The straw that broke the camel’s back. Our hearts sank in December 2019 when we heard the announcement that he had won the election byContinue reading “Goodbye, Boris: Gone (For Now) But Not Forgotten”